Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Foto

I've got nothing but cuteness for this Friday's photo. Enjoy the pretty baby girl Ava enjoying "belly time" and playing with her chew toys. Yep that sounded bad. She is not a puppy. Just a little girl teething like CRAZY! And she has been with Gpa and Gma O. the last two days for 7 hours or so each day and can I just say she is more fun and happiness than I think we knew existed. How much fun to be grandparents to this delightful little girl. Anyway her baptism is this Sunday and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Amanda will be her godparents. I know that both of them will look out for her all of her life no matter what. It will be kind of fun to have Gpa Bruce and Gma Julie stand up for the baptism. Yep our family does nothing normal. But it works! Everyone have a great weekend. I will be sleeping in Saturday morning because I can and can't remember the last time I have done that. I'm thinking I am due and deserve it. Happy Friday.
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Sharon Madsen said...

She looks scared! - where's the kitty!