Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Printing Pictures

***I apologize ahead of the time for the length of this post.  It is long and you have been warned!****  So last night I decided I had not printed ANY of the 3,000,000 1500 pictures that I have taken all year long.  Yes, I said ALL YEAR LONG!  Well at least I haven't ordered any since almost the beginning of the year.  So when I sat down on the couch to relax and watch some TV I decided to upload them to Shutterfly so I can at least then log on and go through them all when I have time and get them ordered for scrap booking this winter.  You see I have no excuse for not ordering pictures like every month because I always do a prepaid plan to get the best price.  And I usually always have a free shipping code.  There really is no excuse.  I just plain upload from my camera almost every week and leave them sit on the laptop.  And it is not because I don't have time or can't make the time because obviously I upload pictures all of the time for blog posts.  It is just something that I loathe dread  doing and so I don't.  So I think this year I will just make a commitment to myself to order prints every month or two so that I don't have to go through this all of the time.  Oh, and where I was originally going with this (so sorry) is about what happened last night when I did upload pictures.  Boy did I get off track.  I do better when I talk about a picture I uploaded!!  Anyway.... I was going through and picking pictures off of the laptop that I wanted to possibly order.  Well when it was time to head to bed I had about 659 chosen.  So I hit start and realized what a bad idea it was to select that many.  I decided to just let them upload overnight and I'd check them in the morning.  After I got out of the shower this morning the computer said that my upload had crashed and did I want to send a report.  I almost died on the spot.  Thought I killed the laptop.  I just exited out of everything and shut down the computer.  The whole point of this happy post is that when I logged into Shutterfly tonight 549 of the pictures were in my album.  So I didn't crash it until it hit 550 or so.  Do you think it just got tired and thought "what the heck was this crazy person thinking uploading that many photos?"  I will never know but I am very thankful that I did not have to once again go through a years worth of photos.  I think I might have just lied and told everyone my computer crashed and I had no pictures from the year.  That would have almost been the truth!  Have a great Thursday!

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