Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back Home

We made it through Christmas and our weekend in Kansas City without any issues. Hope everyone had a great holiday and spent it with family and friends as we did. Once again our kids are spoiled and I have to say that Bruce loved his new shotgun that I bought him. We actually think he almost had a Jr. moment as tears definitely were trying to get the best of him when he opened it. I think he might have been a bit mad at me but only for a minute. But we all had a great time at the game and pretty much the whole weekend. Had great food and times. Trying to get a lot done around the house this week since I am off so probably will not post much. Pictures and stories will have to come later. I have to take advantage of every minute that I have this week to do all those things the work week just doesn't allow me to get done. The tree and every sign of Christmas have disappeared from my house (at least to the eye) so today was a good day. And Bruce finished trimming out my laundry room and trimmed out the door today so looking forward to my dryer being delivered that matches the washer on Thursday. Then I will take pictures of the finished and updated look. Running into work briefly tomorrow just to check on things and such, but really enjoying having this time off. I hope my bosses decide to do this every year. Here is a picture of all of our crew after the game on Sunday in the parking lot of Arrowhead. We are all smiling because the sun is out and it seemed a bit warmer than sitting in the stadium. Why couldn't it have been 43 that day instead of when we were leaving Monday? Oh well. Can't have everything. Hope you have a good week. I think I will make a date with my attic one of these next couple of days. She needs some attention and I think I am the only one that will give it to her! Anyone want to help?

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Sharon Madsen said...

Great Picture! I will have to keep the baby when you do it next year!