Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Guys

Here is a snapshot of all of my guys at our Odneal Christmas this weekend. Apparently my "boys" are all looking at me opening a gift and smiling, and Bruce is looking the opposite direction and laughing at something in the other room. I think everyone had a great time and we had plenty of good food. The weather was frightful to say the least, but everyone made it home safely despite the blizzard conditions. We always have such a good time and who can go wrong when people leave all kinds of food and beer at your house? Everyone have a good Monday and week. Stay warm!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Brian forgot the BudLight - as long as it didn't freeze on the deck that's okay!

Kay said...

Nope it didn't freeze. Bruce brought it inside. But Brian left his boat condiment set so I guess we can call it even (I have to store those for another year!). I'll drink his beer in KC on Christmas and some other poor soul will get the boat things at a white elephant party at the river next year. Well of course unless he wants to drive to Readlyn and pick them all up!!!!! Just kidding.