Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Of My Buddy Squirrels

I really think even my SIL Sharon might be impressed with the photo on the left of this collage. I took these through my dirty window in my kitchen. I was a little impressed with how they came out. I wish I could tell the squirrels apart because they are so fun to watch. This last weekend one about did a face plant on the ground but caught himself on the railing of the deck. I get so much joy out of watching the birds and squirrels. Even last night I had to fill the feeders and put a new cob up for whatever squirrel buddy decided to show up. I have our family Christmas at our house Saturday so may not post anything else until after that. So much to do and so little time! Everyone have a great week.
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Sharon Madsen said...

V Impressed!! I can make it even better tho - send it to me in an email. And yes I got your message - I HAVE to work til noon - :( This is supposed to be a mad face.

Kay said...

I'm sorry you have to work until noon. You don't have to make the pickles if you won't have time. We didn't plan on eating right away anyway as Helen is cooking the manicotti when she gets here. Hope the weather doesn't do what they are saying! We cannot change the date!!!