Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Foto

These are the finished product of the cut out cookies Taylor & Ashley made for me last Saturday when we did Christmas baking. Tyler helped me frost some of them Sunday night. And here is just a glimpse of all of them. I think I counted 74 or so. We didn't get fancy with the decorating but they definitely taste awesome. Thank you Taylor for a new great recipe. And guess who told me Monday night that he needed frosted sugar cookies for school on Friday? Yep of course it was Tyler. I don't think college kids bring "treats" to class, do they? So I baked one more batch of these but just made them round and frosted them for him to take to school. They weren't near as pretty but I wasn't going to give up the cut out ones to a bunch of high school kids that would just devour them without even noticing! We have our Odneal Christmas at our house tomorrow and I am hoping the weather is kind to us. Everyone have a great weekend! Stay warm.
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