Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cheap Table Decoration

When I was getting out the Christmas decorations from the attic I came across a box of vases from our oldest son's graduation party. My friend had etched some design and our last name on them for table decorations. So I grabbed the big one and decided to make an easy table decoration for something different this year. I had some old bulbs that weren't being used on the tree, and some new small ones that I bought this year. I just filled it up and put a doily under it on the table. It looks pretty awesome. Ty did knock it over one of the first nights and broke a couple of the bulbs on the tile, but luckily I have plenty more where they came from. I'm not very creative so I always enjoy it when I can find something around the house and turn it into a nice decoration. Maybe I should just walk through my attic more often. I do still need to decorate the extra bedroom even though Kyle is the only one that stays there and we can't really call him a guest since it used to be his! Or maybe I am just slow at getting it done in case he decides to move back home next year during the school year to save money. Actually if I want to be honest I just don't want it to be anything but Kyle's room. Guess it might look pretty bare for quite some time.
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