Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turtles Everywhere

This weekend at the river was a great weekend. Saturday afternoon Tim & Kris (our good friends) stopped by the houseboat and made me stop cleaning and working to go on a boat ride with them. Well I am very glad they did as we saw many turtles on logs, and deer running on an island. I couldn't believe how many turtle pictures that I got with many lined up upon a log. Unbelievable! The weekend was a great time and I thank Tim & Mike for letting me tag along with them on the Pool 9 River Cleanup. I had fun with them and was so glad to be able to help since Bruce was stuck at home working all weekend. It is amazing how much garbage volunteers can get rid of in a few hours. And it makes a person feel good to lend a hand in keeping the riverbanks and parks clean for us river users! Anything to do our part. I know that every weekend we stay on a sandbar we end up hauling away other peoples garbage that they leave. Come on people-GET A CLUE! If you don't take it with you it may end up in the river and then we have to spend time picking up after you!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

That's a great picture!