Wednesday, May 19, 2010

River Flowers

We planted some flowers and plants at the river last weekend. Jr. was digging in the dirt and I decided to help him. We put in some bulbs, tomato plants, marigolds (geraniums I kept calling them), and filled the pots at the end of Dock 1. Helen & I made it a competition but really I think both looked the same since we put the exact same colors and amount in the same spots! And there was no prize awarded. Oh, and Jr. from the front deck of his houseboat told me the marigolds were crooked. The nerve!!! So guess what I did? Dug those suckers back up and made them be in a straight line or it would have bugged him and I all summer long. The little "river garden" looks pretty good. I should probably get my garden planted at home or it will be too late. If I could just find someone to till it for me. I told Bruce we shouldn't have gotten rid of that old tiller of my Dad's. Maybe today would be a good day to take the afternoon off and play in the dirt some more. I have plenty of flower pots to fill up at my own house and a garden to plant somehow! Happy Hump Day!
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Sharon Madsen said...

I'm just glad that ugly ole' fish isn't at the top of your blog anymore!