Monday, May 3, 2010

Kyle's Couch

So Kyle has started moving some of his stuff home from the dorm so that he doesn't have to do it all the last day. He took apart the couch so that we could wash the cover, and of course Gizmo found a new spot to claim. She always goes for the unusual or "new" place to hang out. Kyle got it moved to his room upstairs at home and put back together, and ended up putting a blanket over it as the cover is black and she claimed that spot in his bedroom. Everything the boys have in their rooms gets taken over by the cats, and lets just say we should have stock in 3M lint rollers because with the cat hair they leave behind we definitely go through them like crazy! But we love our cats so I can't see us doing anything about their shedding for quite some time. Everyone have a good week, and I had a great weekend at the houseboat "alone", and will put together some pictures and stories soon!
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