Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday Already

So this is the wonderful SIL I am picking up tomorrow afternoon to go to Sam's and try to get all of our shrimp for the summer before the prices sky rocket due to BP's DISASTER! Helen always has the shrimp boil at the river every summer, and we have made our annual fall float a tradition for all of us river/boat people. So I snapped this picture of Hildegard a couple weeks ago when she was preparing dinner for us at the river. We discussed getting to Sam's a few weeks ago but both got too busy. So tomorrow I have a date with my SIL to go to town and stock our freezers with shrimp for the summer, and of course we will hit Aldi's and Target and wherever else my Milan takes us. One thing is for sure.......we will have a great time even though I am fighting a terrible cold. I made the mistake of bragging that I had not been sick in years the other day, and I even knocked on wood, but I am fighting a sore throat and chest cold. I cannot be sick for Memorial Day weekend when our Colorado family is coming to Lansing! I REFUSE!!!!!!!!
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