Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Weekend Without Bruce At The River

So here a some of my favorite pictures of the weekend I rode up to the houseboat with Louie. The weekend of the Pool 9 river clean up that I participated in, helped Jr. get his water hooked up on his houseboat, supervised the guys working on Louie's ceiling, and managed to clean up and go out with great friends for a pizza supper that would try to kill me (in the middle of the night by MYSELF) on my houseboat. Oh yeah, it was a great weekend. I can't say that it was totally relaxing, but I got a bunch of stuff cleaned out and gone through, and got to finish the spring cleaning of the boat that I usually do, without Bruce having to be there and feel like he needed to help. Oh yeah, and that picture of the Lansing bridge? It was the view off my front deck looking down river. Very soon there will be more boats in the marina and my view will not be so beautiful. And that is one of many reasons Bruce & I do not stay in the marina on the weekends. We prefer the view from a sandbar when we can see up and down and all around the beautiful Mississippi! Happy Boating Season!!
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