Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sister In Laws

Yep, these are two of the best! We all enjoy being around each other and I think that is a very special and lucky thing to have. I cannot imagine being in a family that I couldn't stand my in-laws. Life would be hell. I actually always look forward to spending time with these ladies, and hope that maybe Sharon will take me up on the offer to come to the houseboat this summer whenever she wants. We (well okay me mostly!) would love it! And just ask Helen-I bring her a Bloody Mary EVERY single morning that we are in the marina or camped on the sandbar together. And she makes a mean Screwdriver after the Bloody's are gone. Geez do you think most of our weekends involve cocktails? Oh well-you only live once! And boy do we seem to do it up right!!!!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Okay - why am I in color? and you guys aren't.