Friday, January 8, 2010

Houseboat Brunch Weekend

So I didn't pick too good of pictures for this post, but tomorrow morning we head out with Helen & Louie to go to Waukon to stay at our good friends Kevin & Ann and have a ton of fun! So here is a picture of my boat on our float from last fall, and if the other picture turns out (since it isn't showing while I'm posting) that is some of our boats moved north to Tami's for the winter. We are having the Houseboater's Brunch this weekend at TJ Hunter's which is very EXCITING as the last few years at Clancy's has officially sucked and been overpriced! Looking forward to roadtripping with Helen & Louie again tomorrow and our hospitality from our very great friends Kevin & Ann. I only hope that his t-shirt that we ordered him (Mr. Have Somebody Else Fix It) shirt shows up in the mailbox before we leave. If not I guess he will get in come April when we open up the boats. Everyone have a good weekend and stay warm!
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