Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Helle & Louen

I decided that I will just post a picture of some of my favorite people every time that I get on the home computer since I never seem to have time to do posts and slide shows like I want to. And the posts I did over the weekend that were supposed to post 3 days in a row I apparently messed up on the posting dates because they all posted the same darn day. Anyways, here is Louie & Helen at our family Christmas in front of Sharon & Bart's tree. Okay, really it is Sharon's tree because I am pretty damn sure that Bart had nothing to do with the decorating of it! So, I have many favorite people in my life and these two definitely are at the top of the list with many others (see I cover myself very well!). So, glad that we get to spend so much time with you two in the summer, and don't know what we'd do without being able to stop by on our way home from W'loo when we are thirsty! Oh, and don't forget the awesome roadtrips to Waukon. I think we are taking one of those again Saturday, huh? I already claimed my room at the Quill's Inn you know, right?????? I'll bring the Bloody Mary's Helen, not to worry! And I believe Ann said that you guys get the Ward & June Cleaver room. Won't that be a hoot just like when Bruce and I took the bunk beds at Rivers Edge? Can't wait!
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