Monday, January 4, 2010

Bruce's Injury

Well I never get phone calls from Bruce during the day at work usually and on December 17th I got one from him on my cell phone. He said that he cut his thumb pretty bad and had been at Occupational Health and had to see a surgeon at 1:00 that afternoon. So he called me again when he was actually getting admitted to the hospital. The surgeon was in surgery and way behind but they knew that he was going to want to go in and make sure no tendons were injured. Well, I wasn't going to go up and pace the hallways while he sat bored to death in his room, so we decided that I would just stay at home and if he was going to get released that night I would get a ride to the hospital to pick him and the truck up so there wouldn't be a vehicle left there. Yes I had this arranged. Well, after not hearing back from him for hours I called and got the nurse's station on his floor and got more information out of them than Bruce knew. To make a long story short, he had surgery around 8:00 or so that night and didn't injure any tendons but they did have to remove or cut some nerves. So he can use it but will never have feeling in it again. He was very lucky I think that his whole thumb didn't get taken off. He is recuperating fine and got the stitches out last Thursday. Now he just has to get used to having no feeling in it. Guess he'll have to watch out for frostbite on it with this cold since he won't be able to feel how cold it actually is! And yes I got a lot of "bad wife" comments from people for not going up there, but Bruce and I were both fine with it and I got some much needed stuff done around home that night for our family Christmas that Saturday. Good news is that he was already scheduled to be off after the 18th until the 4th so he had plenty of time to let it heal at home!
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