Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Foto

It was -7 degrees on my way into work this morning. When I pulled out of the garage it at least said 20 to start with! Oh well. I posted this picture because with all this cold we've been having I want to be there. At the river. At my boat! Bruce and I are both so ready for spring. I guess since February is here Monday that means only 2 more months until we can start getting ready to open up the houseboat. I tell my kids not to wish their lives away all the time, but with this weather I'm really wishing this winter would be done and gone. Yep, looking forward to spring. I guess for now we will have to be happy with our heatwave forecast for Sunday. 20 degrees. Wow-get out the bikinis and suntan oil! Everyone have a great weekend.
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