Monday, January 25, 2010

Gotta Love This Kid

Yep-even though he looks possessed in this picture you have to love a teenager that will not only pose for a picture while in mid haircut, but will be happy about appeasing his Mother while doing it. And never mind the kitty treats, recycling, and other junk on the counter behind him. I just really enjoy this kid and not feeling the greatest about the “baby” only being at home 3 more years after this. I mean I already had to learn to survive without the “favorite son” going off to college. What ever will I do with my time? Certainly won’t be spent doing haircuts in the kitchen. Maybe by that time I will be doing “Grandma” haircuts??????? Time will tell I guess. No pressure I swear Cole & Ashley!


1 comment:

Sharon Madsen said...

He'll neveh leave his mommy!