Thursday, October 22, 2009

Runabout Cribbed Inside

So we got the runabout home and had it parked out behind the shop. Well after Bruce talked to a friend of ours (John) they decided that the boat could be lifted off the trailer and set on cribbing in the shop so that it could be worked on over the winter. Well, Bruce decided to dink with it, and had a plan to get it started at least. Guess what? Yep, no skid loader needed. He hooked a strap through the ceiling for the front of the boat, and jacked up the back to slide the cribbing under. Then pulled the trailer out once it was high enough. I didn't watch this process of course, him and Ty did it while I wasn't out there. I was very glad that they had it done with no issues by the time I checked on them! With any luck Bruce will have time to work on it this winter and we can put it in the water next spring!
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