Friday, October 2, 2009


So Sunday night I decided that Chili sounded good to have for supper. So I started cooking my onion in with the hamburger and added a bit of water just like I ALWAYS start a pot of chili. Well, I went to add some seasonings, and when I went to put in some Lawry's seasoning the lid and much of the bottle flew into my pot. Yes, I already had the V8 juice, Rotel tomatoes, chili beans, kidney beans, etc. in the pot cooking. And of course I didn't think quick enough to grab the ladle and try and scoop most of the pile of seasoning salt out. So I did what any "stupid" so called cook would do and stirred it in thinking there had to be a way to fix it. Well, I called my sister in law Martha Stewart (Helen O.), and she pretty much didn't have a clue and gave me the impression that I was screwed. This is Tyler in this first picture re-enacting what I did to the chili!

So, Bruce, Tyler, and Ashley were all good sports and put cheese and crackers in a bowl and tried to eat it. Let's just say that all three ate just a few bites and could NOT STAND IT! They seemed to think it got saltier with every bite. Did they not realize that I didn't even take a bowl????? So, last night I decided I was making chili to redeem myself and prove to my family that I can make a great pot of chili. And yes, I was very, very careful with the Lawry's. And you know what? Bruce and Tyler said it was the BEST POT OF CHILI THAT I HAVE EVER MADE! And there you have it. I have redeemed myself and am going to go heat up some for lunch today!

***Note: Martha (Helen) called me the next night to see how my chili was and informed me that she was making chili for supper. I hope her chili powder lid blew off into her pot! Or Lawry's or whatever!
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The Hanselmann Family said...

You can put a few raw peeled potatoes in it and let them sit in there for awhile. They will absorb the salt.

Kay said...

Thanks Brittney. I'll remember that for next time (as if I could ruin chili twice!) since I sent it down the garbage disposal the next day when I got home from work. Oh well. First time I've ever had to do that I guess!