Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old "New" Boat

So we finally got our boat out of storage and have it home so Bruce can do some stuff to it over the winter in his shop. It actually looked pretty clean inside for being inside a building for 3 years! Now maybe we can get the kids to come to the houseboat more often if they can just jump in the ski boat and take off when they want to! I think this means that I will have to kill myself skiing again next summer! It's been a while since I attempted that. I will be everyone's entertainment the first time I try I'm sure. Good thing for health insurance. And the dust and mud on the oustide of the boat was from when Bruce took it out to storage three years ago and the roads were muddy. I think it needs a good bath to begin with. And then some TLC to get it into shape once again. I'm glad to have it home!
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