Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Favorite Rings EVER



So I really have no clue why I took a picture of my rings sitting on the windowsill where I always take them off and leave them, but it got me thinking.  Some people wear costume jewelry for no reason at all and I am NOT one of those people for sure.  So here are the rings that I always pretty much have on (well I just got my Mom’s heart diamond ring back from our daughter in law Ashley recently), but anyway.  My engagement ring was just a plain “perfect” diamond according to Mr. Roth.  Then I wanted a wide band but didn’t like the thick ones with it.  So he suggested 2 thin ones.  But he also told me not to have it soldered since at that time I took my rings off to water ski all the time (and just handed them to random relatives on the beach!), and he was afraid my finger would get ripped off from the ski rope.  Well of course I didn’t listen.  But, happy to report I have lost no fingers like others in the family have over the years not from skiing.  Then for our 10th anniversary I picked out the other band to wear on top.  So basically I have way too thick of a wedding set that makes my finger get sore and I take it off all of the time because moisture gets trapped behind them.  I’m thinking since 20 is here I might want to think about redoing the whole thing for something plain and a single band.  Because of course I plan on doing a ton of slalom skiing this summer behind our runabout that we finally got out of storage.  And that other ring?  Well, let’s just say that it was my Mom’s and she always told me if I ever lost a diamond out of it to not take it to a cheap ass place and to have it replaced with the same quality.  I’m guessing I’ll have to see Mr. Milton Roth again for both of these little adventures!  Look out Bruce-this might just cost you!!!!!!

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