Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Foto

I snapped this picture of a deer in a yard across from the marina late last summer one weekend when we were leaving. Someone told us that deer are always in that yard. Right along the river and busy street and we'd never seen them before. Crazy! Anyways, tomorrow deer season opens and Bruce, Kyle, Louie, and Kevin will all be hunting and hopefully each get one of these. Or bigger of course. This year at least my kitchen isn't full of totes and bags of crap to haul north to Lansing because they are staying home and hunting. It will be nice to have them not be gone for 3 days and get updates each night. And of course I will have a nice big pot of chili ready for them Saturday when they are done. And if they are lucky some very yummy Christmas goodies that I plan on baking Saturday. Good luck deer hunters! And Kyle and Bruce, there will be NO DEER pretty enough to go on the living room wall again, okay? Everyone have a great weekend and stay warm.
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Sharon Madsen said...

It looks fake!! Are you sure they weren't messing with ya? Just waiting for someone to take it's picture.

Kay said...

It's definitely real. I have several shots that I took of it. Apparently they eat in that lawn all the time!