Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Charlie Brown Tree

Everyone calls my tree the "charlie brown tree" because when I purchased it and took it out of the box it seriously looked like crap. But with a little loving care and awesome ornaments I think that every year it ends up looking perfect for us and that is all that matters. For years our tradition was to go cut one down as a family. Well, then it turned into Bruce having to hurry and cut one down before he left for the weekend to deer hunt, and then that turned into Mom taking the kids to cut one down because we had to have one and Dad was out of town. So you get the drift. It is so much easier and less stressful to just bring down the tree from the attic and put the ornaments and such that I want for the year on. It looks much better than these pictures give it justice, and I for one really don't care about the tree. I enjoy the spending time with my family and having a great time much more than if my tree looks awesome! But I seriously do think that our tree looks AWESOME! Come on by and see for yourself!
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troutbirder said...

Charlie Brown all right. We have one just like it and putting it up yesterday sure beat having to brave this awful blizzard! :)

Blasé said...

I bet it smells real good!