Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Odneal Christmas

Last Saturday we had the Odneal Christmas at Bart & Sharon's house. Here is just a sneak peak of a few pics of the awesome food that we had to eat. As we all know Christmas is 3 days away so I will not have time to sit at the computer and come up with blog posts, or organize all the fun pictures that I took that day. So, for now this will have to do. Lets just say that there was so much food I didn't even sample any of the crockpot stuff that day, but have had plenty of Bart's potatoes since! Yum! Bruce and I ran to town and finished up everything this afternoon along with getting groceries in case we get all this ice and sleet overnight. I guess if that happens then I won't go to work and will have maybe lots of time to get some pictures and blog posts ready. Oh wait. Forget that. I have quite a bit left to wrap, and my house needs a good cleaning before we have Christmas Eve with our kids. Guess when EVERYTHING is done for Christmas I will take some time to post all the fun pics in a slideshow for you all to enjoy or fall alseep watching from boredom. Everyone have a stress free next couple of days finishing up holiday chores, and do not go out and drive if you don't have to. That is if we do get this nasty weather that they are predicting. This is one time I completely hope the meteorologists are way OFF!!!!!
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