Friday, January 23, 2009

More Bargain Shopping

I have been needing some jeans so ran to the mall yesterday after work. Well, Maurices had like everything on sale 75% off. So I went through all of the racks and tried on a bunch of stuff. When I was checking out I asked about winter coats (my zipper fell apart on the one I wear all the time) and they were 75% off also. So of course most of them were X Small, but I found one that I liked and it fit. It is white but I'll just have to wash it quite often. I'm not like the kids throwing my coat on the floor or wherever when I walk in the door. I actually hang mine up!
So, everything I got if not on sale would have cost me $206.49 with tax. My total bill for the jeans, 3 shirts, one pair of leggings, and of course the coat was......are you ready? $74.90! Woohoo! Wish they would have had more stuff that I liked! Yeah Maurices-and I even got double punches on my card. I love that store!
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