Friday, January 30, 2009

More Wrestling

Tyler had another wrestling meet at Hudson yesterday. He wrestled well, but unfortunately didn't have a very good night. He lost his first match 2-3, his second match he lost 7-11, and his third match he lost 6-6 in double overtime. Bummer! But as I said he wrestled hard and tough and looked pretty good. Of course he doesn't think so! All of his kids were from W. Marshall so I don't think that they are his favorite school or team right now. The last meet for the year is next Thursday at Traer. Pretty soon track season will be here and at least that means spring! Hooray for that!!! Everyone have a great weekend. Heatwave tomorrow (upper 30's) or at least it will feel like one to us. Finally making it to another of Taylor's basketball games tonight, so should have some pictures to post from that on Monday. Both our boys and girls won last night against Tripoli. I think Kyle said Taylor had 16 points. Good job Taylor!
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