Friday, January 9, 2009

Ann's Plate

So it is once again time for our annual "houseboater's brunch" and we are heading to Waukon tomorrow morning to stay with friends Kevin & Ann. Last year I was doing up dishes while Ann was at church and I broke her dish that she uses for quiche and to heat up cinnamon rolls and whatever. Well I searched on the internet and such for a while to replace it and then kind of forgot about it once we had another boating season go by. But since we are staying with them again I decided I was going to find something comparable to give to Ann to replace the one I broke. The closest I could find unless I wanted metal was this dish from Target. It is actually a pie plate but I think it will work. And the Captain Morgan will help when I'm begging for her forgiveness (Ann loves rum)! And I'm going to tell her I refuse to do dishes while there this time, too. Can't wait to see everyone at the brunch. Think Spring!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Well, it's no match but it is pretty! And the rum will go
along way to looking like a match.