Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mighty Mend-It

So over one of the holiday long weekend breaks I saw this Mighty Mend-It on TV and picked up the phone to order. Bruce came downstairs while I was on the line and was totally making fun of me and not believing that I was ordering that "crap" off of the TV. Well, it came the other day and guess what? He had a hole in his stocking cap he wears outside at work and asked me if it would work on the hat. I think he was actually challenging me and hoping it was a total flop so he could give me some more crap for "wasting my money". So, I fixed the hat, and then I had a picture frame that was messed up so that I had to have Cole & Ashley on their side. Well, guess what? It worked on the frame too and they are now sitting upright like they should be. And then guess what? Last night Bruce asked me to fix a hole on the inside of his hat, and the leather on the thumb of his glove. Ha! I think he realized this stuff is awesome. How dare him make fun of me for purchasing this awesome stuff that can fix almost anything. How could he doubt me???????
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Sharon Madsen said...

umm that looks like duct tape to me! ;)

Kay said...

The duct tape was on the frame before I fixed it with the Mighty Mend-It!