Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Monday

So here is our friendly neighborhood squirrel having a bite to eat today. I could watch the squirrels and birds all day long I think. Yep easily amused for sure. But the feeders happen to be right outside my kitchen window where I am at ALL THE TIME so how can I not be entertained watching them? Anyways we had a great weekend and a fun night last night venturing out for dinner. We both figured out why we tend to prefer to stay home on the weekends as neither one of us felt very good today. There is a reason that I should only have cocktails at home! But the legion in G'ville looks great and Bruce did an excellent job on the countertops. The dinner was for all that helped with the renovation and remodel. Food was okay (the steaks were WAY overdone) and had a great time talking to friends both old and new. This chick feels like I gained a hundred pounds this weekend even though I know that cannot be even possible. Maybe that is because of the scotcharoos that I made this afternoon and ate almost a whole row by myself? I think maybe. Have a great Monday and week everyone. We get to keep Ava overnight next weekend for the first time and I am so excited. Hopefully my week goes quick!
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