Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday Foto

So here is Ava's new "ride" as I call it.  Ashley got it for a shower gift and they don't have bikes yet, so Sunday morning Uncle Kyle put it together and he and Grandpa attached it to my bike.  She wasn't feeling good and had a fever Sunday afternoon so we didn't get to try it out yet.  But we will hopefully this weekend.  And Kyle came in and told me they hooked it up so that if I wipe out or fall over Ava's "ride" will stay upright.  Thanks for the confidence guys!  I am pretty coordinated and don't plan on getting piled up before taking her on a ride or anything.  But I guess it is nice to know that ANYONE can take her for a ride and not make her fall over.  Right Bruce?  Everyone have a great Friday and weekend! 
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Sharon Madsen said...

Hey - Your bike would be a great prop - just sayin'

Kay said...

I have an old one that is the real thing that my boss gave me long before Bruce bought me this. Do you want it? It might even be considered an antique!

Sharon Madsen said...

ummm yeah!!!