Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday Foto

I think we have ourselves a future little cheerleader. Her Uncle Josh got Ava this cute cheer outfit with leggings. Her and her Momma came over last Sunday by stroller. We loved seeing her as always. And boy is she getting around good. But she doesn't want to go too far yet. Soon I will turn around and she will be nowhere in sight I am sure. I've figured out that there is nothing like the feeling of being a parent but being a grandparent is right up there with it. She is a very special and loved little girl. And not spoiled at all I'm sure you can gather since this should now be called "the Ava blog" according to someone! More snow for us tomorrow but the forecast started out saying 8 inches and now I think it is down to under 2 for our area. I swear the grass is turning green already from all of this mild weather we have had. I'm certainly not complaining one bit. Now that March is here I'm getting anxious for houseboating season. It will be here very soon. Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. We actually have plans to leave the house and go out Saturday night. Yep shocking I know. Our kids can hardly believe it!
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