Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Foto

 Believe it or not my SIL Sharon, these photos are the ones we took together last Sunday and they are SOTC (straight outta the camera) which is unbelievable since I was asking what setting I should use and I think the first and prettiest picture on the left is the ISO setting that I have no clue about.  But boy is it sure pretty.  Anyway these are shots of the crocus in my yard.  And yes now my daffodils are not only up but some are blooming.  It is too EARLY but I have to love it.  The last three days I have spent on the yard and raking, cleaning the garage and B's shop, etc.  I am ready for spring and summer but we never really had a winter and that means that the bugs will be horrible this year since we really never had any HARD freezes.  I don't like or do well with bug bites.  Could be an interesting summer.  On a happy note Ty went to get his tux for prom tonight and with his discount coupon and his good sense he got one for $70.  I think that is for sure a score.  Once again he is going with a friend "as friends" which is very cool to me.  Apparently these young men and women have no problem being dates for each other when there are ones without a boy/girlfriend involved.  I love that they all get along so well.    Have a date with my hubby tomorrow after work to road trip to Edgewood to pick up our deer meat and have dinner.  Yep we are exciting.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Looking forward to more yard work and enjoying the outdoors!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Have fun on your date! Me and Bart have a date for a DR appt. :( The 1st is prolly the best cuz of the grain in the picture due to the high ISO!