Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Birthday For Me

I really didn't expect anything this year as turning 44 is just another year gone by.  But let me say that this was one of my favorite birthdays.  Bruce bought me new pans since our old ones (that he also bought me years ago!) were shot and an Ipod.  Kyle got me a griddle for the grill at the houseboat to cook breakfast on so I don't have to stink up the houseboat cooking bacon.  My SIL Sharon did a metal of a picture of me as a little girl with our dog Lady that I absolutely love.  And I got a deal on Scratch cupcakes online that I ordered and Bruce picked up for me.  Oh, and Ava brought me two presents.  A rock for my garden that says "Grandma's Garden" and a flower pinwheel thing that twirls in the wind.  I truly have a lovely family that all thought of me this year for some reason.  For me it is just another day but I truly appreciated all the texts and cards that I received.  Sometimes getting older doesn't seem so bad!  And I love the new pans.  No more throwing food away that sticks no matter how much cooking spray I use!  Woohoo.  Have a great week friends!  I even ate a WHOLE cupcake.  And it was awesome.  Beyond belief.  That is all! 
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