Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friday Fotos

 I stopped at my SIL Helen's today on my way home from "town" as we call it (getting groceries and stuff-yes we live sort of in the boonies), and she gave me crap because I have not posted for quite a long time for me.  Well.......we have kind of had track meets, spring cleaning going on, oh and a little thing called prom last weekend!  Which we helped with the after prom and had to stay up until 3:30 in the morning.  We are not used to that unless we have had way too much fun!!!!!  But it was a good time.  Here are pictures from another thing last week that made me busier than usual.  Ty had to make "something" for spanish class.  Of course he can't be the average kid that will make or bake something easy to videotape and document all in spanish.  No he picked Zimbabwe Stew.  It is a recipe that he also made years ago to take to school for another class.  And he loved it.  So for his taping he actually sported a couple of my aprons and was proud doing it.  I love that fact.  And he did a great job of putting stuff together and completing his stew.  I had some of the prep work done before we began for times sake but he did the rest.  I had to use Kyle's I-Pad to record him but for the most part did okay.  I might have possibly hit stop on the last scene and we might have had to re-enact it with an empty peanut butter jar but it turned out great with Kyle's editing help.  So yes Helen I have been very busy to say the least and haven't had time to even get on the computer most nights.  But I will try to do some posts this weekend since we are staying home because of the weather and not going to go to the river.  Man I miss my boat!  Hopefully will see it next weekend so I can get the tote and area rug out of my kitchen.  Everyone have a great Friday and weekend!  And hello Iowa spring rain.  I hear the morels are out  big time!
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