Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

 So I have no excuse really for not posting except......we seem to have been crazy busy the last week or so and I have had no time to even upload pictures or come up with something to say.  Sorry.  This is a picture I snapped blindly of Ty as he was coming around the corner and approaching his hurdle in the 400 hurdles.  He had wiped out on his third hurdle, rolled, and got back up and kept going (of course he did!) and actually still won his heat.  He usually doesn't run the 400 hurdles and placed 5th overall so not too bad.  But his scrapes on his shoulder and back are horrible.  Thank goodness he didn't get hurt.  His football coach (who is an asst. track coach) would not have been happy had he hurt himself.  Oh yeah and this is from last night in Denver and I think that house in the background is cool.  Although when Bruce and I were walking to my car past it we could see everything inside and I'm not sure I would like that location.  Especially after stopping at the grocery store there and the gal telling me she basically used to live in a house by the end zone (which would be right here) and the wind was part of why they moved.  It is very windy all the time when we have an event at the sports complex in Denver.  Not sure I would like that unusual house either since I don't like the wind and I don't really want a couple of hundred people walking by and looking right in my house!  Good job Ty and the WV Warriors last night on winning the meet.  We are 2A this year and doing really well in a few of our boys events.  Should be a great season.  Even though I am a "fair weather track mom".  In other words if the weather is really cold and crappy I will wait to hear about it after the fact!  Is it football season yet???????  That is supposed to be cold weather!
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