Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Foto

We opened the houseboat up and got it ready for the season last weekend.  Here is just a snapshot of how that first weekend goes.  Friends know you are there and just stop by with their coolers to visit and have a few beverages together.  So of course you have to stop working and enjoy the fact that you are back with your summer houseboating friends even if it is only for a few hours.  We did end up going out to eat with Kevin & Ann, and saw Tim & Kris and Kevin & Ann on Sunday when they stopped by also.  Just realized Louie is missing from this picture so he must be on his boat mixing a drink.  I doubt he is standing back by me.  Oh how much better the boat looked when we got done for the weekend!  It is always so nice to get everything cleaned and all the woodwork wiped down.  I ordered new blinds for the front windows today and we plan on replacing the carpet throughout this year, too.  Unless it costs a small fortune.  Then I will put up with my "heavily used" white too light  carpet for another houseboating season.  Cannot wait to see these guys every weekend starting soon.  Everyone have a great Friday and Easter.  I am doing my spring cleaning at home FINALLY and we are spending Saturday helping Louie & Helen replace some stuff on their living room ceiling.  Well okay Bruce is helping Louie, and Helen & I are probably supervising with a beverage in hand.  Oh and we might have to run to "town" just because!  Us two could never get bored at Hobby Lobby.  Or anywhere for that matter! 
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