Saturday, November 21, 2009


So I was going through ALL of my pictures on my computers today and tonight, and I told Taylor that I think EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that I have of her has been on the blog in one way or another. And I wanted something new that I had never posted. Well, I sent out a request to the "awesomest photographer" in the world but.....I made that request just a while ago and I'm pretty sure I will not have a response until early am. And of course I have to have a post going out at 2:50 am so we are starting with this one. If Sharon sees this post before sending me a picture then maybe she can post it since she has been lacking! Just kidding Sharon. You know we love you and think you are awesome. Anyways back to the real point of this post..........A Very Happy 19th Birthday to you Taylor and we are very happy that you are a part of our lives. And see, semester break is almost here and you and Kyle have survived. And will continue to I am sure through all of these years. Have a great day and enjoy dinner with your family! Oh, and I'm glad you loved my birthday hamburgers on the grill I made for you. And I am so glad that you told me I make the BEST BURGERS. Did you hear that Bill? Want to cough up that chicken recipe yet?????????? Love you Taylor!

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