Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great American Smokeout Today

So today is the "Great American Smokeout" and a lot of people try their hand, once again for many, to give up the nasty cancer sticks. I quit on July 16, 2007 at 10:00 am and have not had one since. And I quit cold turkey. To me that is the only way to do it. But for those that need a little help there is plenty of it out there. As everyone knows my Mom died way too young and a lot of her health problems were a result of smoking. So it is my plea to any friends and family that still smoke to give it another shot to quit today or any day. They say it takes most people many times, but trying is much better than doing nothing! And I can actually say that there are not very many friends and family of mine that do still smoke. And I think my kids would kill me if I started again. Anyone willing to pay the horrendous prices for cigarettes must have a ton more money than me. Think of what you will save. Good luck and you CAN DO IT! And everyone knows that I do not harp to anyone. I just care very much!


La Familia Mata said...

Congrats on your success in quitting. Almost everyone that I know that has quit did it cold turkey. Seems to be the most effective. Now if I could only convince Dad!

Sharon Madsen said...

You and EVERYONE else Amanda!