Friday, November 21, 2008

Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!!

So our niece (actually great niece) Courtney (Court Snot) had a "little" ATV accident with some friends a few weeks ago. She is okay but seriously hurt and messed up her leg and ankle. Here are some pictures she sent to me last night. Above is her knee. She had surgery on it last Friday to repair all the tendons and ligaments. The top of her leg was completely separated from the bottom at the knee.
And here is her ankle. It is broken and she had to have a plate put in. Looks very painful. She is a tough cookie but I'm guessing that as active as she usually is she is probably already going stir crazy! Hope you recover very quickly Courtney and I will try and get over to see you very soon! Hope you don't mind the pictures making the blog!

And here is sweet Courtney last summer helping me with our bread competition at the shrimp boil. Ours was the best wasn't it Courtney?

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