Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes

Tyler actually made me throw out these beautiful Ked shoes! I can't even believe that I still had them or the fact that I used to wear them in public!! He helped me clean out the shoe closet/cupboard last night. I used my trusty Kirby to suck up the 50 lbs. (really I think there was) of dirt at the bottom of the closet. And of course a few cobwebs hanging around. Found 3 containers of foot powder, too. Guess those times they told me that we were out they just didn't look hard enough. Imagine that.
And here is the narrowed down version to go back in after we threw out a garbage bag full. I actually ended up grabbing another grocery bag and filled it up, too. This week and weekend I am deep cleaning and de-cluttering our house. Anyone see Oprah yesterday? Got me motivated! I do NOT want to end up on Oprah.

1 comment:

Sharon Madsen said...

When you get done at your house - come here! I
could end up on Oprah - but not for cleaning ;)