Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updo For The Wedding

Wasn't sure if I would post these pictures or not, but brought a blank cd (Kyle told me the pictures Bruce uploaded were on it!) so feel like I should be posting something. Anyways, I got my hair trimmed last Thursday and my awesome hairstylist decided to do an updo quick and see if I liked it so I could decide before the wedding how I want her to do my hair. So I got a "yes" from Bruce and the boys so I think it will definitely be an updo for the wedding. I think I look younger with it except for the double chin I seem to have going on in the one picture! Oh well. I'll blame it on the angle I was turning my head because certainly I couldn't possibly have a double chin going on!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

looks great! Is it all your own hair? looks like alot of hair!