Friday, October 3, 2008

Homecoming Pep Rally & Jersey Auction

So last night we had the Homecoming pep rally and jersey auction. They sure raise a lot of money for the booster club doing that! It was fun. The senior Moms did a skit where we made the boys dress up as our "babies" and raced. They had to drink out of a sippy cup first, then eat a pack of applesauce, and then do an activity called "sticky hand" which was like sticky slime on a stick and they had to fling it to pick up a piece of paper. Kyle and I came in 2nd but I say the winner cheated because he had his Dad pushing him since Melaine had to be on the microphone! Crowning of the king and queen is tonight at halftime (for the girls) and after the game for the guys. Let's go Wapsie, beat Don Bosco! Having a get together and bonfire at our house after the game with lots of yummy food!

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