Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming-Wapsie Vs. Don Bosco

Before the game. Go #14 and the Warriors!

Taylor at half time. Annie Sheppard got queen.
After the game on the field with our boys. Shawn Wortman got crowned king. He misplaced his crown that night but thankfully it showed back up at the dance!

Wapsie won 29-12. Should have been higher but once again we didn't really show up until 2nd half. We have got to quit doing that. It is too hard on the fans and parents!!!

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Sharon Madsen said...

Sorry we missed this! I am sooooo far behind on my
photography business that I couldn't take any more
pictures til I got caught up. Bart was busy getting ready for a weekend on the river - so we thought we
better stay at home and get to work. I sent Taylor her proofs today but STILL am working on Kyles. I DO plan
on making Tylers game this week (unless it's raining)
and I have to take some GOOD pictures at Kyles next