Friday, October 24, 2008

Now I Did It

This is what I always have used in the past and it works great.

This is a new product I decided to try and see if it saved me scrubbing time.
Well, last night I for some reason thought they looked different so I held them up to the old uniform pants and they definitely are lighter. Kyle asked me what I did to his pants. The horror! I swear that besides the different spray I soaked them exactly the same. I told him noone would notice since it will be dark out. Yeah right, there are tons of lights on a football field. He was hoping to get a new pair today before they leave, or he'll just wear his old "yellower" ones. Guess I won't be up for Laundry Mom of the year anymore!!! (The ones I "ruined" are on the left-old ones on the right).

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