Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ashley's Bridal Shower

My sister-in-laws Diane and Sharon and myself threw a bridal shower for our niece Ashley last night. It was very nice and of course I had to be in charge of games so we played a few "lame" ones (well at least I thought they might be but was told otherwise!), served a nice light supper, and watched Ashley open all of her awesome presents. She was so funny-we made her go around the room and tell who each person was and how they were related or she knew them. She got so emotional doing that it was cute. I gave her a napkin and told her not to ruin her makeup. She even had me in tears talking about how her and Cole did everything together when they were little and we used to take her to the river all the time with us when she was little. She is a great niece and I hope her and Cody will be very happy!

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Sharon Madsen said...

You got some great pictures!