Monday, August 6, 2012

A Sunday At Home

So two weekends ago we decided to stay home from the houseboat to get some things done around home.  Well the house and such did need some attention since we spend very few weekends at home in the Summer.  Well this was a few shots from my Sunday.  Hummingbird at the feeder in the morning, chocolate chip cookies made with wheat flour (not near as good I must say), homemade vegetable chicken soup made with leftovers out of the fridge, five loaves of zucchini bread, and then ribeye and new york strip steak and twice baked potatoes for supper.  Yep we got a lot done at home that needed to be but I also enjoyed the heck out of spending the day cooking and baking in my kitchen.  That is my favorite place in my house and sometimes I just need a weekend home to feel "right".  Oh and the one picture I didn't mention is me with my pink and leopard print apron that my friend Missy got for me.  I sometimes forget to sport my aprons that I love, but on this particular weekend I wore it and snapped a photo.  How's that for a perfect weekend?
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