Monday, May 21, 2012

State Track 2012

 So we've been a little bit busy the past couple of weeks.  Our WV track boys and girls made it to the State Track meet and of course Tyler made it in all four of his events which we are very proud of.  He made it in the open 200, shuttle hurdle relay, 4 x 200, and 4 x 100.  We went down Thursday morning and came home Saturday afternoon after the final for the 4 x 100.  Ty went in at 15th in the 200 and came out 14th.  Our shuttle hurdle went in at 14th and came out 13th.  We placed 3rd in the 4 x 200 and 6th in the 4 x 100.  Very proud of all of them and they did a great job.  This picture is of Ty in the lineup for his very first run which was the open 200.  I have many more to share but just do not have the time tonight.  I did post them on FB but just not on here yet.  Just wanted to share one picture that I got and say sorry family but I have been extremely busy and neglecting the blog terribly.  Sorry!  And now baseball season has begun so I will make as many home games as I can during the week.  Yep summertime is almost here.  Everyone have a good week!
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