Monday, July 11, 2011

Back Home

We have been gone on vacation for 9 days and just got back last night for anyone that didn't know.  I didn't post anything while on vacation (obviously), and actually for the most part not being on the computer or watching any TV (except for a DVD one night) was awesome.  Guess if Bruce can live without TV for 9 days I certainly could.  Although it was the first thing he did when he walked in the house.  Turned it on and started flipping channels.  I definitely have pictures of Colorado family here over the 4th, and new ones of grand baby Ava both on her first nights stay on the houseboat and from tonight her 1 month old date the 11th.  Will try and get some posts together very soon.  We took today off to get caught up after being gone and I still feel like I didn't get everything accomplished.  But I am glad to be back home and see the kids and Ava.  Everything will get back to normal soon.  It will take me forever to catch up and read all the blogs I follow.  Hopefully back to work morning will be quiet as it was when I left.  There were some elevators hit by the bad weather and wondering if any of our customers were affected.  Guess I will find out tomorrow morning bright and early!  Everyone have a good week and I promise to get something up this week at least!  I have to admit I was being a slacker some before vacation so I will try and do better!

***And no those are not Bruce's toes!  They are my friend Kris' (and hers are much prettier than Bruce's!), when we took their runabout to La Crosse for a day as they were on vacation the same week as us.  We had a blast with them just like last year!

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