Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baseball Is Finally Over

Tyler has been so busy this summer with summer basketball, baseball, lifting weights a few mornings a week at the high school, and football 7 on 7 get togethers. Also attended UNI all position football camp and a basketball camp at Wapsie. He also has another basketball camp coming up. The kid finally turns 16 and could get a J-O-B but he is just too darn busy to do so. Talking to a neighbor up at the marina she made a very good point. They have the rest of their lives to work and need to enjoy now. I guess that is so true for the last baby growing up, but damn I'm wishing he could pay for some of his own stuff like the older two did in high school! Momma's pocket book is definitely feeling it. Two more years I guess and then he will be gone. Will we feel rich then??????? Nope it will be something else. Always something else isn't there?
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